BURN | 2016


"Burn" the first single of the upcoming album "Fake It Till We Die" does not contain a single cover, but the single with video clip will be released, without Anouk.

Two former lovers face off in a tractor duel in Anouk's thrilling and amusing video clip.

It is in vain to search for Anouk herself in this video clip, which is set in a Dutch meadow. A boy and a girl - former lovers, as evidenced by their matching tattoos - face off and prepare for a duel with their friends as seconds. Without pistols, but with tractors: they run towards each other. Whoever turns the wheel first has lost. Director Westenberg previously made the equally colorful clip of Dominique for Anouk.

no charts records.

Digital download only | Universal Music / Goldilox Music | Ocotber 7, 2016