At the end of 2002 a new single from the later album "Graduated Fool" was released, named "Everything".

The single will only be released in a cardboard sleeve and contains three tracks.
The acoustic version of "Everything" is the b-side of the single. Anouk is guided by Lex Bolderdijk on this. He also played all the guitar parts on the first album Together Alone (1997). For her short performance at Noorderslag 2002, Anouk takes Lex with her. Together they perform three songs: “Hail", "Who Cares" and “Michel". When Lex doesn't get his guitar in tune, he clearly calls out "shit". The pregnant Anouk responds with the words: "Take it easy, we have plenty of time."

In the video clip Anouk can be seen in a psychiatric institution.

Unfortunately the single will not be a hit, but it is a preview of the album "Graduated Fool" to be released not much later.

Highest Position 12 (13 Weeks)
Highest Position 12 (8 Weeks)

Single Top 100 (NLD)
Top40 (NLD)

7 24355 14102 6 | Dutch Mini-Single | Dino Music | October 21, 2002


1. Everything
2. Everything (acoustic version)
3. Everything (instrumental version)