GIRL | 2004


On November 22, 2004, Girl, the first single from the album Hotel New York, was released in the Netherlands and Belgium. The single will only be released as a 2-track in a cardboard box. The single contains 2 tracks, the regular album version of Girl and a remix. The cover features a color photo of Anouk with her shoulder bared, showing her brand new tattoo.
"Girl" has been on the charts for more than six months. This makes it the most successful single ever by a Dutch solo artist.

This single also includes a video clip. Anouk is always big in the picture in a pink top, interspersed with images in a black leather jacket or in winter clothing. In the background, stately men in red suits, wearing red helmets, dance along. This clip is clearly different from all other clips and is therefore very eye-catching. The single is a hit and later turns out to be the basis for another successful period in Anouk's career.

Highest Position 2 (27 Weeks)
Highest Position 2 (26 Weeks)
Highest Position 3 (19 Weeks)

Single Top 100 (NLD)
Top 40 (NLD)
UltraTop 50 (BEL)

7 24381 63522 3 | Dutch Mini-Single | Dino Music / EMI Music | November 22, 2004


1. Girl
2. Girl (remix)