IT’S A NEW DAY | 2019


“It’s A New Day” has been released as a single but it is not yet known whether this track will end up on an album. Anouk wanted to add two new up tempo songs to her setlist for the festivals in 2019 and one of them became this track.

Anouk: ‘For my new music video I have chosen to portray a number of iconic women'. ‘Some of these women are the first to be acknowledged in their field of expertise, some had the courage to stand up for themselves and take the first step towards gender equality and some are present day leaders and activist, but there is one thing they all have in common: they all fight for what they believe in and therefore set a great example to today’s society and are an inspiration to young girls all over the world.'

Highest Position 17 (4 Weeks)

Single Tipparade (NLD)

Digital download only | Universal Music / Goldilox Music | April 5, 2019