The third single from the album "Hotel New York" is "Jerusalem"
The single comes out as a 3 track in a cardboard sleeve.
Besides the studio version of Jerusalem, an acoustic version of Girl can be heard, recorded during Giel Beelen's 3FM program, and a demo version of Lost.

As such, the single only appears in the Netherlands and Belgium and does not reach a top 10 rating.
However, the video clip is regularly played on the music channels.

In this video Anouk can be seen on a motorcycle. This computer animation is again something completely different from all previous video clips, but does not reach a hit with it.

Highest Position 15 (10 Weeks)
Highest Position 20 (5 Weeks)
Highest Position 44 (5 Weeks)

Single Top 100 (NLD)
Top 40 (NLD)
UltraTop 50 (BEL)

0 94633 37402 7 | Dutch Mini-Single | Dino Music / EMI Music | July 15, 2005


1. Jerusalem
2. Girl (acoustic)
3. Lost (demo)