The third single "Modern World" from the album "Who's Your Momma". The single will be released in three parts. First there will be a 3 track digipack release. One week later part 2 will be released as a 3 track in a cardboard sleeve and another week later part 3 will be released as a 3 track cardboard sleeve. In addition to the title track, the singles include live versions of other tracks. In this track Anouk comments on contemporary society.

A lot of attention is paid to the video clip of "Modern World", which was directed by Melina Matsoukas and shot in Los Angeles, USA.

The song is also receiving attention in the United States; it was posted on the website of Perez Hilton, renowned music critic. The clip shows a completely different side of Anouk, as a strictly religious Amish or orthodox Christian, complete with traditional costume. The world famous director Melina Matsoukas is responsible for the special clip.

Highest Position 4 (22 Weeks)
Highest Position 3 (19 Weeks)
Highest Position 33 (7 Weeks)

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UltraTop 50 (BEL)

5 099921 488528 | Dutch Digipak-Single | Dino Music / EMI Music | May 5, 2008

togetheralone canada-cd-fronttogetheralone canada-cd-inlaytogetheralone canada-cd-cd

1. Modern World
2. Modern World (instrumental)
3. Might As Well (Live at Giel Beelen)


5 099921 488627 | Dutch Mini-Single | Dino Music / EMI Music | May 9, 2008

togetheralone canada-cd-fronttogetheralone canada-cd-inlaytogetheralone canada-cd-cd2008_modern_world_part_2_cds_dino_cdpaper

1. Modern World
2. Good God (Live at Evers Staat Op)
3. I Don’t Wanna Hurt (Original demo)


5 099921 488726  | Dutch Mini-Single | Dino Music / EMI Music | May 16, 2008

togetheralone canada-cd-fronttogetheralone canada-cd-inlaytogetheralone canada-cd-cd2008_modern_world_part_3_cds_dino_cdpaper

1. Modern World
2. Modern World (Live at Gelredome)
3. Modern World (video clip)