R U KIDDIN' ME | 1999


In September 1999 something new is released for the first time in a long time: the single "R U Kiddin Me", a preview of the later album "Urban Soltide".
The single will be released as a 2 track in a cardboard sleeve and as a 4 track single in a plastic sleeve. The 4 track single contains a previously unreleased song "Last Time"

'Eighty percent of the album Urban Solitude (1999) is autobiographical,' says Anouk. Just don't let "R U Kiddin 'Me" fall below that eighty percent. "RU Kiddin’ Me" was first called "The Other Girl" and "Dutch Beat" and was written as a ballad. But in the studio Anouk is not happy with the result. With her band she tries everything, but nothing works. Until a band member comes up with a ska-like guitar riff. The number will be on it within half an hour.

In the video clip Anouk can be seen with her golden teeth for the first time. The video takes place on the beach, where an air cushion is set up with a diving board. In that video you can see how Anouk climbs the stairs of the diving board, dares to take a leap and is then accompanied by her band and crew.

Highest Position 3 (21 Weeks)
Highest Position 2 (19 Weeks)
Highest Position 50 (1 Weeks)

Single Top 100 (NLD)
Top40 (NLD)
UltraTop 50 (BEL)

8 712195 754430 | Dutch Maxi-Single | Dino Music | September 23, 1999


1. R U Kiddin’ Me
2. Last Time
3. R U Kiddin’ Me (instrumental)


7 43217 06612 3 | European Maxi-Single | Dino Music / BMG | September 27?, 1999


8 712195 754423 | Dutch Mini-Single | Dino Music | September 23, 1999


1. R U Kiddin’ Me
2. R U Kiddin’ Me (instrumental)


7 43217 06502 7 | European Mini-Single | Dino Music / BMG | September 27?, 1999